Birthday parties happen often and it’s really awkward to walk in without a gift. If you’re a person who often attends birthday parties and you have no clue what kids like, you’re doomed. If you get creative and amazing gifts for them, you can be the star of the day among the parenting population. The gifts that you are get for the kids must be age appropriate; so try to know the age and gender of the kid before you attend the party. If your boss is inviting you for his son’s birthday party, you wouldn’t want to go there with a Barbie doll. Also, make sure that you buy quality products no matter how small the gift is. The last thing you would want to happen is to see the kid get hurt because of something that you gifted.


It’s a cliché idea, but kids love toys and there’s nothing that can actually replace toys in this section. You can get dolls and cute stuffed toys if the birthday is of a girl and if it’s a boy, go for something like a monster truck, race car, or remote-controlled helicopter. Check out for more ideas.


Bubbles are a great gift for kids under ten and you can gift a sophisticated one that is inbuilt inside a toy. A normal bubble toy wouldn’t make a great because it’s too basic; so, try to go for something that is multi-purpose.


Balloons in a box is a great gift, if you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl. However, if you want to gift balloons as gifts, go for a big pack with different types of balloons that the kid can play with later on. There are glow in the dark balloons, balloon sets that come with helium pumps, balloons in the shape of different animals.

Chocolates and candy

It is a universal fact that kids love chocolates and candies. A well-decorated box full of chocolates is a pretty decent gift if you do not know the kid that well.

Kiddie pools and water guns

If you can spend more on the gift and if it’s summer time, gift the kid a kiddie pool or a set of water guns that he or she can have fun with.


Books are amazing gift for kids because they are not just fun but they are educative too. Coloring books, books with quizzes, and books that narrates children’s stories are great gifts.

Video games

Video games might be a little more expensive but it will make a great gift for the kid. Today, we live in the digital age and kids know much better about video games and technology sometimes.


Now, you may think that puzzles aren’t a great gift because they are boring but trust me there are kids who love puzzles. This is why you must try to understand the likes and dislikes about the child before you buy something for him/her.

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