Homecoming can be an exciting event for many girls and it is never too early to start searching for the best dress. Unlike prom dresses, dresses for a homecoming event are less formal. This provides any girls the opportunity to choose a dress which fits their body type and personality.

Homecoming dresses are available in various styles, types and colors, making it challenging to make the final choice. But, regardless of the type of dress you want, the perfect one should fit and flatter your body type. Whether you want to buy cheap homecoming dresses online or offline, the tips below can help you choose a dress based on your body type.

Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape body type, you must choose a homecoming dress which detracts attention away from your hips and thighs. The dress must accentuate your shoulders, flat stomach and elongated torso. Pick a dress with a design which downplays your hips and provides more shape to your upper body. Going for a strapless dress offers you the chance to show off your slender arms. If you want the best dress for your body type, choose A-line styles.

Apple Shape

It is recommended to select a dress that has a V-neck or empire-line neckline as this will elongate your body and detract from your waistlines. A homecoming dress with belts which is cinched at your waist’s smallest part is quite appealing. Also, wearing an empire dress makes you look slimmer. Shorter dresses will display your legs. Pick a frock that has a shorter hemline as this will accentuate your legs and take the attention away from your midsection.

Rectangle Shape

If you have this body shape, it is best to choose a dress which creates curves and accentuates such features. You can achieve this by getting a dress with details and ruffles in the chest area. A sweetheart-topped dress is also great for your body type since this will provide more curves to your chest without giving more weight to your stomach region.

Hourglass Shape

For this body type, it recommended wearing a dress which cinches at the waist. This can highlight your slim, narrow figure. Make sure you avoid baggy dresses which may hide or give more weight to your shape. Fitted dresses are a perfect choice for your body type and those made from lightweight fabrics which skim the torso in a flattering way.

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