Nail art is fun, and if you get the right shape for your nails, the whole concept becomes even more interesting. So, what are stiletto nails? For the uninitiated, stiletto nails resemble stilettos – pointy, edgy and long. As you can guess, you need to grow your nails long, and more often than not, ladies love to visit nail studios to get the shaping done. As for the styling, stiletto nails allow you to experiment with a lot of fun art stuff, and if you need a few ideas, you can always check websites such as, where readers have posted some amazing ideas.

Get yourself a nail art kit, and head to a studio to get the shape. Well, stiletto nails are not for the faint hearted, and hence, be ready to limit the work you do with your fingers. Despite all the extra effort, stiletto nails are extremely attractive!

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